Adult child dating divorce parent

While I can tell my story and seek support from others who have been through similar experiences, they are forced to live their next life chapter in a much more public way.

As such, my thoughts and good wishes are with them as they begin this weird journey.

I'm not even all that worried that my parents' failure to go the distance will somehow rub off on me, thus dooming my marriage.

I am similarly glad that, despite sharing my story here with you, I do not live in the same limelight as any of the Gores.

They'd made it through the valley and were ascending to the golden mountaintop that every married couple wants to achieve. I haven't totally based my married relationship on their model, but I knew that I wanted to overcome challenges as they had over the years. Miss H, who endured her parents divorce while she was in college, brings up what is likely the most difficult point for children experiencing their parents' "late life" divorce: the lack of a protective bubble. I just wish my Dad would have had the guts to end it all sooner) I want to place my hands over my ears and scream, "La la la, I can't hear you!

In fact, they may very well view your presence as an annihilation of their hope that their parents might one day reconcile.

Instead, I was left to wonder, “If this was going to happen, shouldn’t it have happened ... Marti's Musings, whose parents divorced after 34 years of marriage, brings up a good point.

Your parents’ marriage is a part of the foundation of your life.

Of course, I am still holding on to the hope that my parents, currently in counseling, will work things out. What is most encouraging is the fact that we live now, not before blogs existed.

I feel like I did as a child when they would argue, one threatening to leave or screaming at the other to do so. I'm not left feeling like it's just family that is somehow inherently flawed.

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