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Dave’s claiming that “nothing is going to change” after the baby is born, but things are already changing, and not for the better.Adding a baby to a problematic situation has never solved anything, and things are only going to get worse for you after the baby comes.It just feels like a chore that has to be handled every day. I just like to talk to them, face to face, instead of exchanging all these short, usually meaningless messages.And with all these different apps, I sometimes forget to respond to messages and feel guilty afterward.So, I open my email three or four times a day and close it again when I am done responding.When I explain this, my friends and family seem to find this way of communicating is outdated and annoying, because they have to wait a while before I respond. To be fair to them, it’s not the first thing that I take care of when I come home after a long workday.Give yourself permission to pare down to text and email, and don’t apologize for not writing back when you’re at work. Just want to be fair: I’m a 38-year-old single man.

If you can’t afford a studio by yourself, find someone you can split the rent with, whether through your graduate student housing, the recommendation of other friends, or an app that screens and verifies potential roommates.(I’m also going to make an official ruling and say that no one should send a follow-up about a nonemergency text sent during the workday for 12 hours.This is completely arbitrary and based solely on what seems right to me at present, but I do expect the entire world to comply immediately.) Your friends and family are being unreasonable!My first ended amicably enough, the second decidedly not.Both left me feeling utterly alone and heartbroken.

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