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The room in which I am to interview Steve Coogan is in a basement in the West End of London.For some reason, the room is crammed with sofas – 11 of them in all.‘Watching some of the tapes, I found myself laughing at him as a spectator, almost as if I’ve become disconnected from him, although I know that some parts of him are parts of me.’ Quite a few parts, I suspect.While Coogan and Partridge may be poles apart in some respects, they both give off a disconcerting sense of distance, of being walled-up in their own little universes. Coogan is shortly to be seen in one of a series of Chekhov shorts that he and Normal’s company, Baby Cow, have made for Sky Arts.‘Right now, I think the most avant-garde thing you can do in comedy, in this country anyway, is talk about love.

Not only was the tone gentler than anything Coogan had done before, but there was also more emotional depth.Without any prompting, he precisely identifies his standing on the social scale – ‘I come from a lower middle-class background’ – and talks regretfully about how he always felt ‘very unmetropolitan’ when he was a boy.‘I was smart enough to know what I didn’t know, which was the worst of both worlds in a way.’ Brought up in Manchester, where his father worked as an engineer for IBM, Coogan comes from a large family: he has four brothers and two sisters, and his parents also took in a number of foster children.As a child, he used to entertain the family by imitating characters from Dad’s Army and Fawlty Towers.Can he still remember the pleasure he took in first making people laugh?

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