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Have standards for how you deserve to be treated and if a girl doesn’t meet those standards, cut her loose.

Not only will this eliminate flakey girls from your life, but a willingness to let go of women that don’t fit your values shows that integrity and strong confidence women find attractive in men.

If that’s the case, there’s a way to make sure you don’t get sucked in by girls who only fake the qualities men find attractive. Specifically, those people who she is not trying to get anything from.

Pay attention to how she treats the busboy, the cab driver, strangers on the street, etc.

In the early stages of dating a girl might seem great and show all the traits men find attractive in a girl – loving, attentive, fun, caring, etc.

How to tell if a girl is interested in you – or your stuff What makes a woman attractive is her ability to look beyond superficial things.As a result, you flip the script and get women chasing you.What to do with a girl who flakes A big problem guys have in the dating arena is how to handle flakey girls – girls that don’t show up when they say they would, or bail at the last minute.But, it is also true that many should not be elders who are in that position. Men with unbelieving children living with them should not be elders.And, elders should be able to teach correct doctrine and refute error. Below is an outline dealing with the subject of "elder." Pastors, elders, and congregation members should all be careful whom they pick and recommend as elders.

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Another dating problem men have is getting played by shallow women – girls that only date a guy because they want a fancy dinner, expensive vacation, or whatever else. To avoid getting played by a girl who just wants you for material things, here’s what you can do: First, realize that if you think the way to impress women is with money, then you’re going to attract women who are just looking for a guy with money.

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