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They are sometimes described as “high maintenance” friends because they are so difficult to reassure. If I had been asked to describe him in one word, I would have said poised.But in certain circumstances a possible rejection is usually an active concern for everyone: 1. I lost track of him during the years we went to different medical schools, but then we interned together.Rejection is so common, we do not usually stop to consider it as such. Pretty much everyone, no matter how self-confident, feels distressed when rejected in any of these settings. I remember a shy man who approached a woman in a bar and said something that happened to be true, but which seemed fake to the woman. Perhaps everyone is alive to the possibility of rejection when approaching someone of the opposite sex.Only if someone is especially sensitive does a person think in terms of rejection if, for example, a friend chooses not to accompany him/her to the movies, or puts off texting back for a few hours, or chooses to walk to school alone, or forgets to extend an invitation to dinner until the last minute. Attempting to join a club of some sort or some other social grouping such as a fraternity. Applying to a college or to a somewhat selective vocation, such as the Navy. These are chancy encounters, likely to fail more often than they succeed; but they are, nevertheless, important. There was a student I knew casually at college who was always smiling.

If someone has been jilted, I recommend starting to date right away—even when that is not the inclination of many people who find themselves in that situation.(I used to keep such a list until I ran out of space.) Consequently, I have learned from writers what is required to cope with being rejected over and over and over again. If the odds are long, that is not a reason for not trying; it is a reason not to be discouraged by failure. It means that even if you have been ignored, there need not be anything wrong with your resume. Sending in a couple of hundred resumes shifts the odds in your favor.For instance, sending in a resume in response to an advertised job has been studied. Similarly, like my patient who used to visit Las Vegas, if you ask out enough women, you will be successful occasionally. Having a manuscript rejected by one publishing house is less devastating if that book is being considered at the same time somewhere else.He was married by that time to an attractive and very bright woman.We socialized briefly, only to lose track of each other once again--and then, years later, once again come to know each other by working together briefly in a professional setting. He was running a large institution in New York City. “It’s my separation mustache.” He explained to me when I looked at him quizzically that he and his wife had separated. Then, after a moment, he grabbed my arm and pulled me into a corner of the room. “Do you remember when you were sixteen or seventeen and you were afraid to ask a girl out because she might refuse? ” he said, grabbing both of my lapels and shaking me.

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