Current recordset does not support updating this may

Text ' The email address the customer uses for instant messaging rs. Text ' Other details associated with the customers instant messaging rs. Merging update conflicts becomes nontrivial when you are updating in batches. Net) and batch updating, which is the cheapest updatable recordset in terms of performance, but also the most complicated to work with in multiuser situations. This is the most expensive cursor performance-wise.

In fact I have gone to other code sites for answers and seen some of the moderators from here arguing instead of providing answers....

For example, my "howler" that you corrected (which didn't offend me at all, by the way) when I thought an OP was using VB6 and he was using Excel I only posted after spending some time looking for the method in the VB6 documentation and not finding it. And I always check before correcting someone else's post, yours included.

If you take responsibility to help someone, then to steer them wrong fails to meet that responsibility. It isn't useful to an OP to give him wrong information, after all.

Open "Access", Con, ad Open Dynamic, ad Lock Optimistic, ad Cmd Table If Not txt User Number. The last choice is to use disconnected recordsets (which is the default behavior in .

", vb Information, "Add Record" Call CLEAR End If End Sub Set rs = New ADODB. Open "Access", Con, ad Open Forward Only, , ad Cmd Table rs. Another choice is the keyset cursor, which is also updatable, will show changes of other users, and will not show additions of other users.

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