Daniele donato and dominic briones dating

If you would like to watch this interview it is available as part of the live feeds bonus content: Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds Jeff asks them how they met after the show because I was on your season and didn’t see this coming at all!

Daniele says jokingly says oh our first date was great!

Dominic says she knew where she was going so I said hey.. Daniele says then we went to a museum that was closed.

Jeff says it seems like you (Daniele) wear the pants?

"Daniele originally appeared on Big Brother 8 in 2007, where she was famously reunited with her estranged father Dick Donato in the house.

They returned to take part as a duo on Big Brother 13, which featured Briones as a new contestant.

Dominic says and we like penguins because they mate for life.

So I contacted the lady and she brought us back behind the scenes to bring penguins out in a room to play around with us ..

Daniele says well Eric Stein from my season and Annie, probably the most out of everybody. Jeff says oh okay, and Annie wasn’t even on your season though. Jeff says I know you guys have been married two years, and the last time we talked – we talked a little bit about you guys having a family. I know you’re in school and things are crazy but is there talks of possibly having babies?

Jeff says okay you guys told us a little bit about yourselves now we are going to see how much you know about each other. Daniele says because he should just turn around and go away.

I would totally be that person because I think it would be funny. Jeff asks Daniele to complete this sentence – Dom maybe the world’s best but be might also be the world’s worst..?

Jeff asks would you guys go on Amazing Race as a couple? Any of those Big Brother and Amazing Race that’s all strategy.. Daniele says I’d be evil, I’d be like giving people money for their cabs to go and stealing cabs.

If anyone in this room could play big brother and win but their name can’t start with “D”, who would it be?

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