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They run, catch and throw, which means most practices are a full body workout.These guys have legendary arms, great for throwing a runner out or holding their significant others after the game.

Baseball players can be a guy's guy around their teammates, and then a complete sweetheart when it comes to relationships.Additionally, you’re lying if you don’t think baseball pants are one of the most attractive things a guy could wear.Between good luck and even better personalities, guys who play baseball kill the game both on and off the diamond.She has dated pitchers Carl Pavano, Barry Zito, and Brad Penny.She is also rumored to have dated catcher Russell Martin.

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A baseball player……plays well with others…understands the three strike rule…can run in a straight line (you'd be surprised how many men can't do this)…doesn't fall for crazy pitches…understands that getting to third base takes commitment…knows how to read all the signs…looks good in pinstripes…quotes Have you ever dated a baseball player?

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