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This has meant a lot of people leaving the countryside, taking with them the chance for someone to become their partner. This has meant there aren’t any marriages, aren’t any kids and the smaller towns are dying out.

The solution is a prefectural konpa organized by the government to bring women back to the countryside through marriage.

Everyone knows why they are there and no one wants to walk away with a lifetime consolation prize.

Still, everyone gets a fair shot at interaction, so at regular intervals, seats will probably be changed so that everyone talks to everyone.

There have been three similar events which have resulted in twenty successful couples in total.This doesn’t mean that they all end in marriage and there is a big question about these results warranting the money being spent on the event. Events such as these are becoming more common as the government struggles with the declining birthrate and towns become ghost towns.Desiring efficiency, some places have arranged speed dating events. You have probably heard of the intense cram school culture in Japan.Sosuke Takahashi works for a matchmaking company called Zwei and he told the men, “Don’t be afraid of being laughed at.When they speak, nod in sympathy.” Which is pretty much how I’ve stayed married.

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is an organized date, but instead of a simple blind date where two people are set up, this date occurs between two small groups.

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