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Having beaten Bracknell Bees 5-2 on their own ice last night in the NIHL Cup, Cats headed to London full of confidence.

However, Aaron Nell’s side have now lost back-to-back games in NIHL South One after their overtime 3-2 defeat at Peterborough Phantoms last Saturday.

Following criticism from industry figures including playwright Simon Stephens, Equity general secretary Christine Payne and actor Simon Callow, the designs were later redrawn to nearly double the theatre’s capacity.

The changes allow for the addition of rehearsal rooms, backstage space, a larger cafe area and flexible seating in the auditorium – though the exact layout of the theatre will be chosen by the eventual operator.

Unfortunately for Lambeth council, local residents seem to agree with Brand.

A poll on the Streatham Guardian website asking, “Is Streatham a dump? I am sure Streatham, if not its humourless council, can take Brand’s cheeky jibe on the chin, or any other part of its anatomy. It is the grit in the London oyster that has produced such metropolitan pearls as Naomi Campbell, Cynthia Payne, Homeland’s David Harewood, Roger Moore, Ken Livingstone and Chuka Umunna MP.

Time Out readers have spoken, and below are the venues they named their absolute favourite in Streatham.

So the next time you’re in SW16 in need of food, drink or retail therapy, make a beeline for this lot and you won’t go far wrong.

Clearly he feels he has nothing left to lose —not even his sartorial reputation. All very droll but his slapstick earned him a stern rebuke from Labour MP David Winnick, who said it wasn’t a variety show. Last year Rupert Murdoch was pelted with a custard pie when he appeared before the Commons Media select committee.

And in some sense this is true with respect to property prices and the cost of living.

Only this week it emerged that Newham council has tried to relocate benefit claimants to Stoke-on-Trent, as the gap between market rents and housing benefit has grown too large. Even planets contain whole different ecosystems and life forms — and London is no exception.

” in the wake of her joke, is currently recording a 58 per cent majority saying yes. It seems they are proud of their gritty reputation. Even contingency has its Darwinian advantages, you see. *It’s raining, it’s pouring, but still we are in a drought.

How can we have a drought when not a day goes by without it raining? In some parts of the Atacama desert it doesn’t rain for hundreds of years. We are in urgent need of a new meteorological glossary before all our definitions get washed away in the rain, sorry, drought.

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