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” This semester Mason, a French and Gender Studies double major, is “sticking to STEM,” as she puts it, in hopes of meeting more eligible bachelors.

The Claremont schools have been lauded for an increase in women in the STEM fields the last few years, likely due to rosterbating.

Sure, there are times when both individuals hate it, avoid it, and are completely unaffected by it.

But even that is, in a sense, using football as a bonding agent.

Simply select what type of product you have, then type in the serial number of your product.

A new semester at the Claremont Colleges means new classes, new school supplies, and new sources of sexual hope and inevitable despair.

It has long been my hypothesis that in most long-term relationships football has some role.Once the add/drop period ends and rosters are set, students go back to their old methods — cleaning their rooms on Thursday evenings in hopes of getting laid at TNC, drinking until they’re brave or stupid enough to approach someone hot, and using the same unflattering suit photos for both Tinder and Linked In (Guys, you know that just because you’re wearing a suit, it’s not automatically a good photo, right? – Liat Kaplan CMC ’17 with comedic support from Jacksón Smith CMC ’18 and Anya Deering PZ ’18.Do you know when your refrigerator was manufactured? Below you can discover the year of manufacture of some refrigerator brands produced for the American consumer market.Students across the 5C’s are preparing their new Slutty Insert-Party-Theme costumes for this weekend, updating their Tinders with new vacation pics, and employing the beginning of the semester’s most important online dating tool — the Sakai roster.For a few weeks at the beginning of each semester, Sakai rosters become the third-most popular tool (after straight vodka and “a private party… “My strategy is to sign up for 5 or 6 classes at registration time, then drop the ones with the fewest potential lays when the rosters come out,” said CMC junior Peter Davis.

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