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Byrne has also produced several films, including the Academy Award–nominated In the Name of the Father (1993).

One of Byrne's most identifiable roles is that of Dr.

He has been listed by People as one of the "Sexiest Men Alive".

Entertainment Weekly has also dubbed Byrne as one of the hottest celebrities over the age of 50.

He had begun a relationship with actress Ellen Barkin, and relocated to New York City to be with her.

Byrne has also starred in the films Troy, 28 Weeks Later, Knowing, Insidious, X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Apocalypse, as well as the comedies Get Him to the Greek, Bridesmaids, Neighbors, Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, and Spy.

She is the youngest of their four children; she has an older brother, George, and two older sisters, Alice and Lucy.

Paul Weston in the HBO drama In Treatment (2008–2011), for which he won a Golden Globe Award and was nominated for two Emmy Awards and two Satellite Awards.

Byrne was born in Walkinstown, Dublin, the eldest of six children raised by devoutly Roman Catholic parents -- a cooper and soldier, Dan, and a hospital nurse, Eileen (née Gannon) from Elphin, County Roscommon. He maintained his love of his language, later writing the first television drama in Irish, Draíocht, on Ireland's national Irish-language television station, TG4, when it began broadcasting in 1996.

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