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Once you've made this change, take a moment to visit the new page through your Web browser. Most likely not; chances are your VBScript code contains some syntactical problems.

When porting the ASP application we examined earlier, the first error message you will receive is an error concerning Option Explicit, as shown in Figure 2. Option Explicit statement error message This statement, for an ASP.

In the later section, you'll look at porting this ASP application to ASP. Note This document focuses on porting an ASP application to ASP.

In this next section, you will examine porting the existing ASP code to ASP. Because the Project Report Application has a single ASP page, this renaming task is simple enough. NET on the Same Web Server Examining a Sample ASP Application Porting the ASP Application to ASP. That is, a Web site or Web application within a site can contain both ASP. NET pages is almost never as easy as simply renaming the file extension from to because, among other factors, there are significant differences between Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) and Visual Basic . The good news is that most of the needed changes are syntactical and automatic. NET code that uses COM components (such as ADO or custom COM components you may have written) can virtually be left as is; C# code, however, requires a bit of extra code to work with COM components, which is beyond the scope of this document. NET pages can be accessed from the same Web server, you are not required to port your existing ASP pages over to ASP. However, there are many advantages to porting your application from ASP to ASP. Some of the biggest advantages include: Unfortunately, porting existing ASP pages to ASP.The variables i Department ID and str Project View are variables defined earlier and assigned to the list box values selected by the user. Department Name, Project Name, " & _ "Start Date, Estimated End Date, Actual End Date, " & _ "Priority, Project Description " & _ "FROM Project P " & _ "INNER JOIN Department D ON " & _ "D. Department ID " & _ "WHERE Start Date -1 then 'Add a clause for the department ID str SQL = str SQL & " AND P. Although a more complete port may take more time, your finished ASP.Department ID = " & _ i Department ID End If 'What types of projects do we want to view? NET pages will be readable and maintainable, and more feature-rich.

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