Mediaportal epg not updating

What I ended up installing was the Windows 7 Codec Pack.This comes with codecs for just about every audio and video format you can imagine and gave me what I needed to fix the lack of audio.

I'll go the full free software route another weekend.I could see that it was talking to the HDHome Run since I saw the tuner light come on and it was going through the motions of changing channels, and even had the channel names correct, but there was no picture or sound.If you have this issue don't panic; it's very likely you just need to go into the Next PVR settings and choose the correct decoder.If you follow me on Google you'll know I had a recent rant about Windows Media Center, which after running fine for about a year suddenly decided as of January 29 it was done downloading the program guide and by extension was therefore done recording any TV shows.I'll spare you more ranting and simply say that none of the suggestions I got (which I appreciate!

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