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Leakes: Yes, I am very close to Cynthia and [her husband] Peter. But you all take a trip to South Africa this season! No, I'm not going"' And then they're like, "You have to go." And so I say, "OK, I'm going under these conditions." [laughs] I took the trip to Africa, and all the girls go and once we land in Africa, I think to myself, "What the hell am I doing here with you guys? You have to let people in your life and I don't know if I want to continue to let people into my life like that.How do you prepare for that since you don't like all the women? " I prefer to be here with people I want to hang out with and have fun with. You recently tweeted that you deposited a "hater check" — what is a hater check? It's a difficult thing to do to put yourself out there to be judged. co-star Kim Zolciak earlier this year, Leakes said publicly that she was sorry for how she handled herself on the bus.

We shoot the show and then we have to wait, and then we relive it when it airs, and then we relive it again on the reunion.

We would have believe this more if the source said Oprah kicked Stedman to the curb and decided to get it in with Tyler Perry!!!

On the other hand if you catch the right picture Nene does look like a…

Grant – who lives in Louisiana – is trying to get a new contract with the Atlanta Falcons so that he can be closer to Ne Ne, a former stripper who has found fame on the Bravo reality series.

The NFL star also has relatives in Atlanta and sees Leakes every time he visits the area while she has jetted-out to various locations to see him too.

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