Rapid updating of drivers v8 0 rus

Confirmed on a Dell Inspiron 1520 with Windows XP Pro SP3 - using the touchpad, Chrome is only scrolling down (and faster than it should, I'd say), not scrolling back up.

However, clicking on an hyperlink with the middle button does open up a new tab.

i can't confirm if left right scrolling works in the full history (comment 42) because no matter how narrow i make the history tab, no horizontal scroll bars appear.

Using a normal mouse's wheel works fine, still pressing the wheel (middle button) won't let you scroll the page by moving the mouse up and down (like in IE). Touchpad scrolling down (extremely fast) but not up. Using the scroll wheel on the external mouse works fine. I CAN scroll on my Dell laptop's touchpad scrollbar, but it's too fast to be useful, it works almost like a page down, page up deal.We find that: 1) as the economies grow, the empirically observed income elasticities of demand are better represented by our setting than by a pure Stone–Geary approach, 2) historical simulations in general perform better in developed regions than in developing regions, and 3) simulation results are more sensitive to GDP growth than energy and non-energy substitution elasticities and autonomous energy efficiency improvement.URLs (if applicable) : Other browsers tested: Firefox / IE Add OK or FAIL after other browsers where you have tested this issue: Safari 3: Firefox 3: OK IE 7: OK What steps will reproduce the problem? XP SP3 Confirmed issue with dell inspiron 6400 running synaptics driver ver 9.x then updated to 10.x - both versions scroll down but not up - friend on Dell XPS m1710 running syaptics driver ver and scrolls perfectly... in addition to my comment 23 in this thread, the scrolling works perfectly when i view full history from the New Tab page. the same problem exists with left - right scrolling using the edge of the touchpad.

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