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Still, the waiting had an effect: She told me she'd been really excited when I wrote back the next morning. " Generic messages just come off super dull and lazy.

My now girlfriend didn't call me, though; she texted. P. Today I know that my waiting caused her uneasiness; she told me she felt I must have been offended by the "How funny are you? But that same night she was waiting, she got word that I'd asked a friend of hers if she was in fact single, so she knew all was well.So although these new tools may cause us stress and angst, the same technology has also given us a new place to store, remember, and share our love for each other. " If you are somewhat nice, and somehow slightly humorous too? The Bad-Grammar Text One man said he was dating a spectacular woman, but things went downhill when he asked her about a mutual friend. Exactly When to Text Him Back Lab rats prove: Waiting (a little) works.Playing hard to get can be frustrating for all involved.Today our pool of romantic options is greatly expanded.We move to new cities, spend years meeting people in college and at work, and have infinite possibilities provided by dating apps and similar technologies.

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