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No doubt, this is a very good feature, but annoying also! In case, if you need to disable it, then here’s the guide.

Step 1: Login to My SQL : If you are not able to remove the plugin, then reduce the password validation policy to LOW in /etc/as below and then run mysql_secure_installation, set an easy password for root, login to the mysql system and then run the uninstall plugin command.

This section provides information about configuring password and account lockout policies: To set up the password policy for a subtree or user, add the required entries and attributes at the subtree or user level, set the appropriate values to the password policy attributes, and enable fine-grained password policy checking.

The attribute value must not be set to the maximum value or too close to the maximum value.

These passwords may be stored outside the Directory Server, such as passwords stored in a SASL application. Directory Server supports the password change extended operation as defined in RFC 3062, so users can change their passwords, using a suitable client, in a standards-compliant way.

Directory Server does not include a client application for the password change extended operation.

However, if the counter were to increment indefinitely over days and weeks, valid users might be locked out inadvertently.

The reset password failure count attribute is set However, the configuration information is kept locally and is not replicated.

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To resolve this problem, correct the This attribute indicates the number of seconds before a warning message is sent to users whose password is about to expire.

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