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With professional marijuana enthusiast David Schmader -author of "Weed: A User's Guide." David joined us in our studio to talk about how marijuana can enhance sex, what strains are the sexiest, what to do if you NEED marijuana to get off, and more. It's been super-fun and brought them closer together as a couple.

Read More A woman from the UK wonders why Americans are so quick to commit to each other after just a little bit of sex. But her husband gets racked with guilt each time, and runs to tell his priest ALL AB... Dan interviews high powered lawyer Carrie Goldberg about her work prosecuting online harassers, revenge pornography and domestic violence abusers.

The no-longer-weekly alt-weekly has a hallowed history of defining and exemplifying New York counterculture, having been founded by Norman Mailer, Ed Fancher, Dan Wolf, and John Wilcock.“I believe that researching those online ads is much more arduous; it’s a much easier place for victims to be hid by their traffickers than in a print ad.But the print ads are obviously a concern and something we do look at.”That the remaining print ads have largely gone unremarked upon amid the highly covered split shows just how dramatically the online marketplace has grown.So from Brooklyn’s own Braven Brewing Company to Single Cut...Castle Braid, the expensive, much-maligned Bushwick housing complex that comes with amenities like a digital media lab and designated "chill space" (and has recently found itself at the center of a flurry of neighborhood controversy) can add something else to its list of dubious PR magnets: an unhinged, surprisingly conservative, and apparently real Twitter account. The @Castle Braid feed is also filled with Pat Buchanan quotes, knockout game-related fear mongering, complaints about...

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  1. Here, marriage experts share some of the most common reasons husbands resent their wives and how to protect your “describing their own feelings and needs rather than labeling their partner as faulty.” And the ball is probably in your court for that.